Pirates 2014

Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera is a rollicking tale of pirates, policemen and poor young orphans.  Misadventures in love, thrilling chases, devotion to the queen and above all, a strong sense of duty, make this an exciting show perfect for audiences of all ages.  With its memorable songs and entertaining characters, this energetic performance will have you smiling and humming for days.  Cat-Like Tread is a newly formed Edinburgh theatre company with a love of all things G&S.  They hope this will be the first of many shows they will perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.




Frederic - Thomas Ware

Pirate King - Chris Cotter

Samuel - Bob Bowden 

Major-General Stanley - Tom Paton

Sergeant of Police - Gordon Christie

Mabel - Julia Fuchs

Ruth - Susanne Horsburgh

Edith - Claire Porterfield

Kate - Lexie Pittock

Isabel - Erika Ishimaru


Rachel Allan Louise Alexander

Nick Clelland Adam Cuerden

Sarah Kim Andy Laing

Jen Sampson Keith Starsmeare

Camilla Thomson Ritchie Turnbull

Farlane Whitty


Directors - Sarah Kim & Farlane Whitty

Producer - Vinca Russell

Musical Director - Lindsey Robinson

Assistant MD / Pianist - Matt Ferguson


Thom Dibdin - All Edinburgh Theatre

"... clever, light-hearted and satisfying"

Alex - edfringe.com

"Great show- very well staged in a small space at a fast pace!  An amateur group but individual and ensemble performances were spot on."

Tess Cosslett - edfringe.com

"A lively and engaging show, beautifully sung and cleverly choreographed, with an energetic young cast.  Very funny too."

Tom Pickering - edfringe.com

"I have been watching G&S shows for many decades, and this is up with the best of them.  The cast are small but perfectly balanced (as a whole that is, not individually), and every one of them performs throughout, with both the acting and music spot on ... book me a ticket for whatever they do next year."

Gareth Jacobs - edfringe.com

"thoroughly enjoyed Cat-Like Tread's Pirates last night at the Merchant's Hall.  It was a bright, funny and inspired show that kept up a good pace throughout.  Lots of work and talent had gone into the costumes and the inventive set and because of the intimacy of the venue, you could see all the bits of business going on.  A sold out audience were captivated to the end."

Fiona Main - edfringe.com

"Some superb production touches and fabulous chorus characterisation.  Principals did a great job and all displayed individual touches of brilliance which would make it unfair to mention any one in particular ... Well done to the production team on the slick direction, contemporary references and vocal work ('Hail Poetry' sounded fabulous) ... Special mention to the set designer.  Inspired!!  A new and very talented young company who are sure to go far."