Mikado 2016

Nanki-Poo loves Yum-Yum, but she’s betrothed to the Lord High Executioner. The Mikado insists an execution is carried out within a month, so Nanki-Poo volunteers to be beheaded if he can have one month married to Yum-Yum first. Everyone is happy, but when The Mikado arrives, things become topsy-turvy! Will anyone lose their head? Will true love find a way? Come along to Titipu and find out in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Japanese adventure! Cat-Like Tread is an Edinburgh-based G&S company who have enjoyed sold out performances of The Pirates of Penzance (their 2014 debut) and HMS Pinafore (2015).




The Mikado - Matthew Sielewicz

Nanki-Poo - Nick Clelland

Ko-Ko - Dougal Freir 

Pooh-Bah - Scott Thomson

Pish-Tush - Tom Paton

Yum-Yum - Anna Thomson

Pitti-Sing - Susanne Horsburgh

Peep-Bo - Katy Williamson 

Katisha - Debora Ruiz-Kordova


Louise Alexander Rachel Allan

Gary Armstrong Rebecca Campbell

Lindsey Cotter Adam Cuerden

Erika Ishimaru Andy Laing

Ben Morse Niamh Ryan

Keith Starsmeare Zorbey Turkalp

Claire Turnbull Ritchie Turnbull


Producer - Vinca Russell

Directors - Rae Lamond & Sarah Whitty

Musical Director - Gillian Robertson

Pianist - Jamie Wilson

Costume - Rachel Allan & Susanne Horsburgh

Lighting Design - Steven Robson

Publicity Design - Farlane Whitty


Chris Newman - edfringe.com

"Cat-like Tread has put on an excellent production that, in terms of intimacy and humour, compares favourably with the Scottish Opera’s recent production of Mikado... The chorus was particularly good, both in their accompaniment and in the choreography which they performed seamlessly... The pianist deserves special congratulations for his herculean effort in providing the non-stop solo accompaniment to the entire two-hour performance (without break)... 

Thoroughly recommended. A big thanks to all who put in such effort to create such a wonderful show for our entertainment."

Christopher Cotter - edfringe.com

"... What a show! Cat-Like Tread have really surpassed themselves (and the bar was already set quite high). The whole thing buzzed with energy, as an incredibly talented cast made full use of the 'in the round' aspect of this theatre, to deliver a polished, hilarious, superbly choreographed and highly original performance. The performers held the audience in the palm of their hand all the way, from bombastic chorus scenes right down to the minutiae of a well-timed, subtle hiccup. I struggle to think of a moment where the show lagged, with "Braid the Raven Hair" (so often a bore) being one of the night's highlights. I shan't single anyone out, but suffice to say everyone involved in this show - chorus, principal, music, direction, tech, costume, publicity, production, and more - should be immensely proud. 5 stars!"

Harry Harris - edfringe.com

"A fantastically fun performance. Very good throughout. Certainly the best amateur production I have seen in years. Strongly recommended for a couple of hours of good quality entertainment!"

Lucy Brett - edfringe.com

"We know well and love The Mikado. We thoroughly enjoyed such a professional performance blending traditional interpretation with refreshingly new and hilarious ideas. Fantastic singing dancing and acting from the entire cast! Well done. You must see this performance!"

Mary Nguyen - Trend FEM

"Directors Rae Lamond and Sarah Whitty have worked hard getting their performers sharp and poised for this fast-paced show. Gillian Robertson is on the mark as musical director... Some favourites include Behold the Lord High Executioner and Tit Willow, Tit Willow, and Cat like Tread gives warm, glowing performances for such songs, and more."