Your gallant crew is ready to sail, but secrets abound and passions run as high as the tide. The beautiful Josephine, Captain Corcoran’s daughter, is caught between Admiral Porter’s unfavourable attentions and forbidden love in the arms of strapping deckhand Ralph. As mutiny looms, can true love prevail? Following their 2014 sell-out debut, The Pirates of Penzance, local theatre company Cat-Like Tread return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with this comic musical by Gilbert and Sullivan. With 90 minutes of spirited music, witty dialogue and clever choreography, the energetic cast puts on a fun night for all ages!





Sir Joseph Porter - David Ross
Captain Corcoran - Tom Paton
Ralph Rackstraw - John-James Colvin 
Dick Deadeye - Keith Starsmeare
Boatswain - Scott Thomson         Carpenter's Mate - Farlane Whitty

Chorus Men
Gary Armstrong
Bob Bowden
Oliver Burrows
Nick Clelland
Andy Laing
Thomas Ware


Director - Sarah Whitty
Assistant Director - Farlane Whitty
Producer - Vinca Russell
Musical Director - Lindsey Robinson
Pianist - David Manderson
Vocal Coach - Gillian Robertson


Josephine - Alexandra Pittock
Hebe - Deborah Ruiz-Kordova
Little Buttercup - Rae Lamond 

Chorus Ladies
Rebecca Campbell
Julia Fuchs
Erika Ishimaru
Emma McFarlane
Anna Thomson
Sarah Whitty


Ursula Martin -
"What a great show!  Buzzing with effervescent glee and held the audience from start to finish."

Amy R -
"A fantastic production of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic, with a couple of contemporary twists keeping the audience in stitches ... A must see!"

Tom Pickering -
"... the well drilled chorus of pretty girls and suitably rough sailors, with some very clever production, make this a show not to be missed."

Paul O'Neill -
"Clever direction and great comedy throughout, highly recommended."

HJ -
"The show had all the classic comedy of the original with a few modern twists to add a little extra."

Christopher Cotter -
"... tremendous amounts of energy, ingenious and hilarious staging, beautiful costumes ... I enjoyed every second of it.  The music flew past at a wonderful pace ... and Gilbert's script was allowed to shine on its own terms.  Every single person on stage was thoroughly engaging to watch ... Everyone involved should feel very proud!"