Expulsion, electioneering and enchantment. Iolanthe takes Gilbert’s satirical wit to parliament and Sullivan’s score to fairyland. Strephon loves Phyllis, a ward of the Lord Chancellor, but his dubious heritage stands in the way of their happiness. Can his suspiciously youthful aunts help him into a political maelstrom to win the girl? Is the House of Lords ready for a fairy member? Cat-Like Tread are back for the 2019 Fringe with the most magical operetta of the Gilbert and Sullivan canon. Join us to find out if love can prevail in stormy political waters despite deep divisions and meddling monarchs.




The Lord Chancellor - Scott Thomson
Earl of MountararatZorbey Turkalp
Earl Tolloller - Gordon Horne 
Private Willis - Matt Sielewicz-Stanhope
Strephon - Nathan MacAulay-Dicks

Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons
Nick Clelland            Gary Ishimaru Armstrong
Andy Laing               Ben Morse
Keith Starsmeare      Gillian Tait


Producer - Vinca Russell
Directors - Rae Lamond & Sarah Whitty
Musical Director - Tom Paton
Pianists - David Townhill & Janet Barbour
Lighting Design - Steven Robson
Costume - Rachel Allan & Susanne Horsburgh
Production Assistant - Thomas Ware
Publicity Design - Farlane Whitty

Queen of the Fairies - Susanne Horsburgh
Iolanthe - Debora Ruiz-Kordova
Celia - Jessica Massey
Leila - Caroline Hood
Fleta - Katy Williamson
Phyllis - Rebecca Anderson

Chorus of Fairies
Rachel Allan        Gesine Argent
Erika Ishimaru Armstrong
Melissa Jones      Alice McClellan
Camilla Thomson


Gareth Jacobs/Liz Thomson - edfringe.com
"Cat-Like Tread have set the bar high in previous years as their performances are consistently good. However they have surpassed themselves this year with a truly excellent production that fizzed along from start to finish."

Johnthegardener - edfringe.com
"The highlight of any Fringe year is attending Cat-like Thread's production and 2019 was no different... It is hard to believe this group are amateur - a truly professional production."

Bev - edfringe.com
"This was a wonderfully modern take on a G&S classic. High energy from a skilled cast."

David Dobson - edfringe.com
"Super production. Well worth seeing."

Chris Newman - edfringe.com
"An excellent performance. Well worth going to see. Congratulations to the cast for negotiating their opening night so well and with no obvious hiccups!"

Cat-Like Iolanthe