Love is complicated. Twenty heartsick maidens fight for the love of an overblown poet, but the poet pines for a milkmaid. A platoon of dragoons can’t stand the wafty wordsmith, but adores the maidens. The milkmaid doesn’t know what love is, but she’s learning... fast. Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience aims its razor-sharp satire at the aesthetic movement (the hipsters of their day) in a tale of romance and the Romantic. Edinburgh company Cat-Like Tread returns for a fifth year at the Fringe, bringing Victorian operetta to life for a modern audience. ‘Careful execution and straightforward fun’ (




Colonel Calverley - Scott Thomson
Major MurtgatroydMichael McFarlane
Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable - Thomas Ware 
Reginald Bunthorne - Chris Cotter
Archibald Grosvenor - Geoff Lee

Officers of Dragoon Guards
Bob Bowden        Nick Clelland
Nathan Dicks      Gary Ishimaru Armstrong
Andy Laing         Ben Morse
Keith Starsmeare


Producer - Vinca Russell
Directors - Rae Lamond & Sarah Whitty
Musical Director - Tom Paton
Pianist - Steven Segaud
Répétiteur - Janet Barbour
Lighting Design - Steven Robson
Costume - Rachel Allan & Susanne Horsburgh
Publicity Design - Farlane Whitty
Vocal Coach - Gillian Robertson

The Lady Angela - Clare Brady
The Lady Saphir - Caroline Hood
The Lady Ella - Debora Ruiz-Kordova
The Lady Jane - Harriet Beckett
Patience - Lindsey Cotter

Rapturous Maidens
Rachel Allan        Gesine Argent
Sinead Black        Susanne Horsburgh
Erika Ishimaru Armstrong
Claire Turnbull    Katy Williamson


Ian McLennan -
"All the principals and the chorus were excellent and can’t wait till next year’s offering."

Chris Newman -
"Cat-Like Tread made an excellent job of it, fully up to the standard of their performances in previous fringe events. I look forward to seeing them back again next year!"

Rebecca Anderson -
"Cat-Like Tread back with another vibrant production of a G&S classic! The intimate nature of the venue meant you couldn't miss a second of the fantastically choreographed action, every word and note heard clearly - and not a beat out of place! "

Alex Rankine -
"Excellent singing, not a single weak point; imaginative direction, thoughtful characterisation and comic timing which had me laughing out loud."

Amy Sharman -
"It is always a joy to go and see what Cat-Like Tread has to offer; the a cappella overture alone is worth the admission!... A very polished performance, CLT always manage to bring the words and music of G&S right to present day, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments."

Win Ewen -
"Superb show, full of fun and enthusiasm. Singing was excellent - especially enjoyed the a cappella overture."

Darren Coutts -
"The production races along with some some lovely stylish touches...If love G&S you will surely love this production."

Bob Martin -
"High energy performance with fine singing and acting, creative direction, and lots of good clean fun.


Cat-Like Patience